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Retirement Living has made me feel 10 years younger

If you had met Jeff and Pat Bonsall 12 months ago, you could have been excused for thinking they had something else on their minds. That little something turned out to be Smithy Croft, Your Housing Group’s retirement living development in the centre of Heald Green, Cheadle, Cheshire.

One year on and Jeff and Pat have settled in to their two bedroom apartment at Smithy Croft and made it much more than just a home, it’s more of a community hub or as Jeff likes to describe it “a community within a community”

Pat comments: “Jeff wasn’t going to be swayed on the idea of living at Smithy Croft, he always knew it was where we should be. I took a little more convincing though; he drove me all over the place looking at different types of retirement accommodation – none might I add as good as Smithy Croft. The penny finally dropped when I saw the plans and the artist impressions of the building – I knew we had to live here”

Being one of the first couples to move in to the 55 apartment development meant that they got to know all of their fellow residents as the development grew – something that both Pat and Jeff are thankful of.

Jeff says: “The best thing about living here is that nobody gets left out, we all look after one another, no matter what you mobility or health is like – we are one big family all living together”

Pat comments: “You get the best of both worlds here, you can be as involved as you like or you can choose to stay in your apartment for a bit of peace and quiet – either way, you don’t have to lift a finger to enjoy it”

Both Jeff and Pat claim that living in such a vibrant and stimulating environment such as Smithy Croft, has improved their life expectancy by 10 years and has open their eyes to what is out there – even if that means jumping on the train from the nearby station for a day trip to Southport – anything is possible.

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